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Petit Cloud - 2 - Kernel

2023-04-19: We jumped into an adventure to build the simplest way possible to deploy a Scheme web application. In the previous article, we identified two procedures. Today we will dive into the kernel.

Petit Cloud - 1 - Kickstart

2023-04-13: In the previous article, we set our goal to deploy a program in one hip command line hop, let’s kickstart the code with an outline of the application server.

Petit Cloud - 0 - Specification

2023-04-13: You may remember the days of html, dynamic or not, php3, funny, and funky under construction 🚧 Ah!… While the visual aesthetic may remain in the past, the ease, and simplicity to create, show, and tell used to be simpler, easier, and more fun. Petit Cloud is a demonstration that the 90s, early 00s workflow can be implemented for fun with our favorite material.

Cross-compiling Racket’s Chez

2023-04-12: Racket team lead by Matthew Flatt did an awesome work on Chez Scheme such as aarch64 support, that means you can use Chez on Raspberry Pi 400. Problem is Raspberry Pi 400 is very slow, hence it is better to compile things on another machine.