petit-cloud is a Scheme application server written in Scheme that makes it easy to deploy web applications. petit-cloud is a single-human sized generation x’s iteration on Earth’s knowledge sharing system; once petit-cloud is ready, set, and serving, an operator can deploy any compatible application from the confort of a wooden chair with one hip command line hop. There is some guess work to do to add support for background task such as database schema changes1, or sh42ring among manifold operators.


Server side, you do:

$ ./venv
$ letloop exec . petit-cloud-server.scm -- 9999

Client side, you do:

$ curl http://localhost:9999
hello world
$ ./venv
$ letloop exec . petit-cloud.scm -- http://localhost:9999/_/api/v0/ example.scm
Please, input the secret: foobar
Good! What is done, is not to be done!
$ curl http://localhost:9999
hello world 1 from example application
$ curl http://localhost:9999
hello world 2 from example application


$ wget
$ sha256sum letloop-petit-cloud-v3.tar.gz
3c167a09930f812e32a7171e6de1d602654d0715a3d67eb6513554a19ab3913a  letloop-petit-cloud-v3.tar.gz

Visit the repository in letloop organization


What we were talking over the last months^W decades seems within reach when using a tool: Scheme.

Let me invoke the spirit of freedom to say: the fully operational multitenant, lead people generation, multi-party observability, legal checklist, law enforcement, business-as-usual code quality are not only easy, and easier, they are within reach when there is will, food, housing, and safety.

  1. when online migration are not supported↩︎