letloop is a Chez Scheme distribution many goodies packed in.

Libraries are embedded in the binary release. It is not using the upstream machinery, it works. You will only need a copy of letloop binary to build a bulletin board about cracking schemers statistically significant cognition patterns with raspberries, and cosmits!

This release improve the software that test, and release letlooop. We are still looking to clone nix, and guix to make letloop a hundred percent linux future-proof. Functional, and in particular functional package management is bootstrapping awesome ideas, tho, that, that is only a good bad rationalization. The good good rationale is that with a nix-like features, letloop will have:

  1. everything in a mono repository, hence waste less energy to be consistent, ordered, and logic;

  2. more independant, and working on upstreaming, and downstreaming.

  3. more control, and easier control over its binary release e.g. make it easier to test, build, then embed .so shared libraries;

  4. reproduciblity;

It is also the test bed of large system such as Earth wanna-be renewable supply chain of joy. If you have ideas, tips, love, and tricks about (just linux) chime in.

We are working on revised ordered key-value store (okvs), and beyond1. OKVS2 has an improved user interface, including more control over memory use, the sample implementation targets permanent storage, and bigger than volatile memory data, built on with entangle async framework. There is manyfold ways, you can help. They are a dozen of extensions (nstore, vnstore, gstore, bbkh, vstore, hnsw…) that should be tested (and reworked :). There is a volatile memory sample implementation; Do not jump head first; introduce your self.

This release comes with the following libraries:

And more standard tooling:

Download letloop v7 - break, the loop

letloop is a Chez Scheme distribution with many goodies: the test runner with code coverage makes sure you touch the ground running. letloop can also produce elf binaries for your deployment convenience. The algorithm to reduce entropy is missing. Be assured that we are doing everything we can to fix, and improve the current state of the art^W loop.

We will be there. In the meantime, happy release day!

letloop is offered in the hope of being useable, useful, and used. If you think it fails at one of those, reach me at amirouche@hyper.dev.

nuts, and fruits for breakfast

  1. What about: Futamura projection + OKVS2 = OKVS3↩︎