Anthroposcene Civilization Kit

Repository for a work-in-progress awe civilization kit.

Credo: The supply chain bootstrap steps of a civilization must be fully, and wholly documented, with its bootstrappable source available.



  1. Mutual respect;
  2. Mutual excellence;
  3. TODO TODO communication.


Quick Links

tl;dr: large set of interconnected distributed, and public software systems built by human work. It includes, but is not limited to the following softwares:

The anthroposcene #civkit does not offer anything related to computer-assisted ruling, so far, it does not provide tools to sustain production chain of food, medecine, culture, et ce tera

As-is anthroposcene #civkit is not a ready-made solution for a sustainable civilization, because in case of chaos it will take an indefinite amount of time to re-build.


We can test / simulate independantly the bootstrap phase on Wakanda planet with assistance from Earth.