2021-05-18 - Ruse Scheme shall be

Ruse Scheme, formely known as Arew Scheme, is at this stage, a collection of Scheme libraries for Chez Scheme. There is a grand scheme plan plot machination ruse for it. Read on.

What is a civilization kit?

A civilization kit is a software or set of software that ease the organization of life. So far, there is really one civkit that is mostly privateer that includes and is not limited to:

And many more... that is only the visible part of Earth software system. They are software that aim to ease the the production of software or hardware. They are also software that helps with governance, provide tools to ease law making process, sustain production chain of food, energy, medecine, culture, education...

They are a lot of software [logiciels], and that collection of software describes a civkit [civkit].

Is Ruse Scheme a new Scheme?

Yes, and no. It depends what is meant by a new Scheme.

Sometime a Scheme is a software that gathers many Scheme libraries, and rely on existing Scheme to execute their code. That is the case of Ruse.

Most of the time, a Scheme is a software that interpret and/or compile a lot of parentheses that is more or less compatible with RnRS. In this regard, Ruse is a Scheme, but it is not completly new. It rely on Chez Scheme (maybe use Gambit because it was free from the start?!) to produce executables that can be run on a server or a desktop. Ruse will support Web Assembly and JavaScript to run Scheme in a Web browser.

Some Scheme implementation do a little of both, and also deliver features that go beyond past or current RnRS. Ruse does that, and shall reach beyond...

The main difference with existing Scheme implementations is not found at the programming language level. Ruse is and will stay a Scheme.

The main area Ruse try to innovate is the rest: whether it is the the production or sharing of code, Ruse aim to make it easier than sharing a meme to ease the production [supply] chain of food. Another area Ruse try to innovate is to state upfront the scope of the project.

What are the short term goal of Ruse Scheme?

The short term goal of Ruse Scheme is to build a scalable search engine: Babelia. Babelia will both scale-up and scale-down in terms of required hardware. In other words, it may run in the cloud or on a Raspberry Pi.

That first milestone will demonstrate how to build a distributed Von Neumann architecture that aim to be easier to work with than current approaches.

This is the first milestone because it is easier than going fully dencentralized first. It will deliver the necessary tools to work with the current Internet.

The plan is to deliver Babelia in 2022 (DONE).

What is the next Internet?

The next Internet is an Internet that is more open, more decentralized, more accessible, and resting upon the fundamental principle.

What is the distributed Von Neumann architecture?

The distributed Von Neumann architecture is like a regular computer that rely on multiple commodity computers.

It is different from a compute grid, because it is not meant only for batch processing.

In Babelia, that distributed computer has volatile memory, non-volatile memory, possibly vectors or graphics processing units, and generic computation units (npl: documented at foundationdb forums, but not encoded for computers yet).

The goal is to make it easier to build software inside a trusted network of computers.

What are the mid term goals of Ruse Scheme?

Mid term goals of Ruse Scheme are three folds:

What is the goal of Ruse Scheme?

The goal of Ruse Scheme is to build a coherant bootstrapable whole-stack civkit for a sustainable civilization, resting upon the fundamental principle.

What is whole-stack?

Whole-stack build upon the full-stack concept to include programming databases, and kernels.

What is Ruse Scheme license?

Ruse Scheme is licensed under the Cooperative Non-violent Public License without exceptions.

What is the fundamental principle?

If a system must serve the creative spirit, it must be entirely comprehensible by a single individual.