2021-09-02 - Let there be binary executables

I released ruse-exe. A Chez program that allows to create binary executables from Scheme programs.

Here is in full the usage documentation:


  ruse-exe [--dev] [--petite] [--optimize-level=0-3] [EXTENSIONS-OR-DIRECTORIES ...] program.scm [ -- ARGS ...]

Given a Scheme program inside the file `program.scm`, produce a
standalone executable inside the current directory called `a.out`.
ruse-exe will look for the necessary files inside
`EXTENSIONS-OR-DIRECTORIES`.  The arguments following two dashed
`ARGS` will passed to the underlying C compiler.

The flag --dev will enable generate allocation and instruction count.

The flag --petite will only build with petite scheme.

The arguments `EXTENSIONS-OR-DIRECTORIES` will replace the default
extensions, source and library directories. If you want to compile a
project that has both `.ss` and `.scm` with libraries in the current
directory, you need to use something along the line of:

  ruse-exe .ss .scm . program.scm

Homepage: http://letloop.xyz

You can grab a ready to use on ubuntu 21.04 binary release at github.