2018-01-01 - a work in progress

A fight a lot a painful thought when I am publishing something on the Internet: Am I toxic? I sure this won't stop today, nor tomorrow.

I have dozens of repositories online, I feel somewhat shameful about it because most of them don't work anymore. I have the feeling that it gives a bad impression. That said, my belief that those will be useful for me and for other people is stronger.

I repeat myself that a) I do the right thing by sharing my experience b) It's good to talk about it. This is in this spirit that I blog, share code and do other things of life.

I have the right to write a software trying to understand how opencog works and call it culturIA. Thinking in terms of words Intelligence Augmentation instead of Artificial Intelligence. Using that very same name for a versioned hypergraph, and then mixing it with my grandiloquent blog engine (read a blog that is not static html) that I call a personal knowledge base. Forget about Natural Language Processing because it's too difficult or too soon or because I am not skilled enough. And go back to it. I should feel free to say cyberspace transderivational search without feeling ashamed. I should feel free to reinvent the wheel (on my free time (at least)). To create a search engine and fail and try again later. To think that I can do better than others. I should feel free to be a creative mind.

I have the right to dream big.

I should feel free to do all those things that are not toxic, but I don't feel that way.

There should be a place for everyone, I hope one day I will be confortable at mine.