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Babelia is a privacy friendly, decentralized, open source, and accessible search engine.
Search has been an essential part of knowledge acquisition from the dawn of time, whether it is antique lexicographically ordered filing cabinets or nowadays computer-based wonders such as Google or Bing. From casual search to help achieve common tasks such as cooking, keeping up with the news, a regular dose of cat memes or professional search such as science research. Search is, and will remain, an essential daily-use tool, and stires human progress forward.
Babelia aims to replace the use of privateer search engines with a search engine that is open, hence under the control of the commons.
Eventually, Babelia may offer features commonly associated with existing search engines, such as maps, mail accounts, calendars, image and video galleries, and a feed reader inside a single coherent code base. Babelia wants to be an easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, no-code, personal search engine that can scale to billions of documents, beyond a terabyte of text data, for under €100 a month per Babelia instance.