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2019/11/15 - On the road to guile-babelia
2019/11/15 - On the road to guile-babelia
Yeah, I am back in GNU Guile land. With yet another good name for the very same project that boils down to fight boredom, learn new skills and bring back the power to the computers of every lambda users.
Quick flashback: I started with a minimal bulletin board more than 15 years ago. It was all good, and some success, lost all the backup and to repeat the same mistake: poor software practices. Nevermind, it was mostly copy-pasted LAMP stack code written on Windows 2000. The lost backups will haunt me back for sure. But what does not?! Then I tried with Python, Django, Flask, MongoDB, Neo4J, PosgreSQL, Whoosh, skipped ElasticSearch, read a few hundreds of lines of Lucene documentation and code. Dozens of science papers. Enjoy Ordered Key-Value Store all the way down. Re-discovered fuzzbuzz. Learned Scheme. gnunet is making progress. Dozen of prototypes on various subjects. I have a very good idea of the graphical user interface in terms of web stack (to get the project started). Various good good discussions happening around rdf, AI-KR, GOFAI. And a glimpse into proprietary commercial system that have great success.
Eventually, more or less, a roadmap for the next five decades.
I have two immediate pain points:
gmail. I hate that interface. I much prefer inbox. I could upgrade ff.js framework. But meh. And Gambit is missing some library. I tried to help but then lost interest, temporarly, because the next point is more important.
Search engine overall user experience: simply said I want to own all the data I search and that should not be scatered in various privative or hidden sqlite files! I want an IDE of my research adventures. I do not want to do 3 or more clicks and fail to retrieve the paper I read 3 days or 3 years ago that is now not publicly accessible. I want to ban medium.com from my search results. But still, unhide it in case of boredom or emergency.
You prolly guessed, that I want a personal search engine.
Here is in no particular order pieces that I think are missing in GNU Guile:
headless firefox driver for crawling Single-Page-Application,
a smart crawler (see what use Common Crawl),
news.ycombinator.com (meh) html snapshot,
stackoverflow html snapshot,
quora snapshot? not sure it is possible, it is a walled garden,
wet/warc file parser,
Common Crawl support,
Somekind of wet/warc file consumer that will (only) build page/domain ranks.
A fork of Grammar Link in pure Guile (with minisat bindings) to... check pages grammar.
a word2vec and paragraph2vec similar to Gensim and Spacy that would allow to finger print the subject of domains / webpages against wikipedia vital articles hierarchy.
Sure all this stuff can be put together in a few days by a junior architect using a franken-assemblage, to quote myself:
We could argue indefinitely that one or more of those requirements are unnecessary, overkill and YAGNI. We could argue that by relaxing a few of the requirements, a particular software or set of software can come close. We could argue endlessly that building yet-another-database [or search engine] is NIH, wheel re-invention that curse the software industry with fragmentation and fatigue. We could invoke UNIX philosophy, enterprise software architectures, experiences, know-how, failed patterns, decades of good services and big communities.
Blue pill: To use a vocabulary that has a lot mind share: that is my product, isn't?
Red pill:
"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work" Peter Drucker