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2019/10/04 - State of Scheme in the Browser
2019/10/04 - State of Scheme in the Browser
I made some progress around my experiences in the browser, this lead me to write a Scheme-to-JavaScript compiler that is incomplete but can do some stuff.
I still did not try Chicken's Spock egg.
This is an interpreter written in JavaScript that doesn't support tail-call optimization.
Gambit JavaScript backend
It is still a work in progress. It prolly support tail-call optimization but requires some work. With the build I tested, tail-call factorial gives an error.
edit: It works well actually. The problem was on my side.
This is the most promising stuff. It is a self-hosted Scheme-to-WebAssembly (wasm) compiler. The two things that are missing are some kind of call/cc support and I don't know how to yield the control back to JavaScript.
Chibi Scheme WebAssembly build
It works most of the time on Firefox but it (used to) crash on Windows Chrome.
Ruse Scheme
This is my work-in-progress compiler that targets JavaScript and not WebAssembly (yet).